A lightweight JavaScript graphics library with an intuitive API, based on SVG/VML technology.

Getting Started

Samples of the things you can easily create using GraphicsJS


Awesome JavaScript API - based on Layers logic and combined with easy-to-use primitives, GraphicsJS API allows you to build any visualization you can imagine.
Rich Text features - you can control text wrap, text overflow, text indent, line height, letter spacing, vertical and horizontal align inside SVG/VML output produced by GraphicsJS.
Virtual DOM is an abstraction of the HTML DOM. It is lightweight, detached from the browser-specific implementation details and provides better rendering performance.
Works all around the world As part of AnyChart products, GraphicsJS has been tested on all devices and browsers - Windows PCs, Apple Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android devices. It works everywhere, including IE 6.


There are three ways to study GraphicsJS: read articles in the Documentation, browse methods and samples in the API, and study samples in the Playground. As GraphicsJS comes from AnyChart, you may encounter samples where it is called "Anychart Graphics" and where the namespace is used instead of the acgraph namespace. Don't be alarmed or confused: GraphicsJS is free and open, and you don't need to worry about licensing. Always use the acgraph namespace and you will have no problems whatsoever. We are working hard on detaching GraphicsJS API and Documentation from AnyChart API and Documentation and expect it to be done in a matter of weeks.

ユーザーガイドには、ツリーナビゲーションで構成された数百件もの検索可能な文書が含まれています。AnyChart のコンポーネント機能に関するすべての主なトピックを記事に網羅しています。必要に応じて他のチュートリアル、API、チャートギャラリーへのリンクをご用意しています。
{ api}
JavaScript API リファレンスには使用可能なすべてのプロパティとメソッドが掲載されています。各メソッドには、プレイグラウンドで実行して動作を確認できるサンプルが付属しています。

Where it comes from?

For many years GraphicsJS serves as the graphics engine for AnyChart data visualization products. So it is already battle-tested in thousands of web sites all over the world. You can find it in products and solutions of many Fortune 500 companies.

Supported Browsers